5 Tips For Creating Captivating Content

Posted on November 8, 2021 in categories: Marketing

Believe it or not, I’ve been creating content for my own social media for 2,310 days.

Way back then social looked SO different IG was still chronological and followers were easy to come by. 4.48 billion people currently use social media worldwide which has more than doubled from 2.07 billion back in 2015. 

So you’re probably here because you’re wondering how to make your content stand out and connect with your audience on a deeper level?

1. Language

Speak your audience’s language. Literally. How do your target audience and ideal client talk? What phrases, nuances, words do your potential clients use and therefore relate and align to? Make notes of what language your clients use and the topics that they talk about and create content using both. How do they describe their pain points? What words do they use when referring to things? Ask them this and make a record of it!

2. Inspiration

Firstly, this is your permission to stop trying to force content when you don’t feel inspired because it’ll never be quality content. Make sure you’re feeling inspired to create it and let that creativity flow. Ask yourself this, what inspires you? When do you get inspired? Where do you get inspired? Be sure to utilise your phone notes for when any inspiration sparks so you can have a bank of ideas for when you’re ready to start creating.

3. Mindset

What beliefs do you have about creating content? Do you believe that it will flop? Or do you believe that when typing your powerful message, it will be well received and will convert well? Make sure you’re coming at it from the right mindset and energy because ultimately, if you don’t your audience will know.

4. Analysis

Always analyse what is working; what is getting saved, what is getting DMs and enquiries, what generates web traffic and what gets sales? Start to see what sort of content works for you AND your audience. For me right now, filming reels fills me with dread so I keep creating the content I adore, that my audience respond well to and then analysing what’s working with that right now and continuing that!

5. Be different

If that means sharing an unfiltered opinion on something, getting chopsy or calling out the BS, then DO IT. It will let your audience see the real you, what you’re passionate about and will hopefully form a shift in the space!

And the last note on creating content is to not expect overnight results. Keep learning, growing and evolving as you gain a deeper understanding of your audience. 

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