The 6 non-negotiables required for your next level

Posted on October 21, 2022 in categories: Uncategorized

What’s REALLY required for your next level of epicness?

It isn’t awful funnels, sleazy sales, ads & burnout, that’s for sure!

When I fell into the world of mindset (completely by accident – the best accident I’ve ever had!) back in October 2018, I was starting to get hungry for MORE. I’d had the occasional £5k month and really wanted more, more income, more offerings, more clients, more impact.

I signed up to work with a coach in a 12 month mastermind, thinking that the answer would be in funnels, FB ads and hacks or tactics.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Looking back, I now see there are 6 really key things to master to truly access your next level (and there things you need to keep being consistent with to maintain that level and continue to grow!)

So here are your non negotiables…

😍 Your mindset

This is important at all the levels, whether you’re new or scaling. But growing your company to the next level requires an extra level of discipline, self belief & growth mindset vibes. You’ve got to truly believe in yourself, be able to hold yourself accountable, be able to take criticism & still be able to rise high above it all. Your highs may be higher and your lows may be lower – your mindset has to hold it all.

😍 Self care

I learnt about the lack of this the hard way. And I don’t want you to. Your self care (whether that’s going for a walk, having an afternoon bath, taking yourself off for a massage or going for a solo lunch) is IMPERATIVE not a nice to have. At this level, you’re holding more energy, supporting more clients & therefore have more pressure. You have GOT to come first, so you can serve your clients properly.

😍 Your offer suite

This is the point you’ll start to develop out different offers, utilising your mailing list & your social. I feel up to this point, you can grow with 1 or 2 signature programmes. This is where high ticket, mid ticket & low ticket can come into play & you’ll have an extended customer journey plan too.

😍 Free events

Running things such as masterclasses, challenges & virtual retreats is great for really getting your name out there & truly building the know, love & trust aspect. They’re also a great way to audience build, another key step in the strategy behind those consistent higher cash months.

😍 Leadership

You are truly required to lead yourself here AND position yourself as a leader & expert in your field. How you lead your containers. And,hHow you lead your 1:1 clients. How you produce leadership style content. What makes you you? What is special about you? How do you want to be perceived as a leader? This requires big ballsy moves & a big mindset.

😍 CEO days

The days where you work ON not IN your business. Your next level requires next level planning, next level intention setting, next level brand & next level results. Are you still blagging your results, launches & new offers or are you being intentional about them?

Master those, then continue to treat them as a priority as you continue to grow. You’ve so got this!

And if you’d like to explore how I might be able to help you get there, feel free to book a complimentary strategy session here 🥳

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