My book is live on Amazon!!!!

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I can’t quite believe this… But, my book is live on Amazon!

Magnificent Mindset is an inspiring guide to improving your mindset. It will help you understand how your mind works and help you know how you can be in control of your day, every single morning.

Whether you’re wanting to start to believe in yourself a little more, feel that little bit more confident, change how you see the world, or start to implement a morning routine, this book has everything you need to get started on your self development journey.

The writing of Magnificent Mindset began in the Summer of 2020. I had been working on my mindset for nearing 2 years and had already seen massive shifts. I also become aware of how much reading mindset and business books had helped me, so I wanted to create something that could offer similar benefits. You can check out some of my favourite books here.

How to get your copy

The paperback is finally live! We’re just waiting for the link to be available in all countries using the digital links below, but for now, click on the link of your country below –




Purchase as an e-book to read on the Amazon app or a kindle now.















It was when I understood how our minds function that the mindset work and morning routine I was doing made any difference.

What to expect in the book

I have put a lot of research into my understanding of mindset work, my coaching and into the writing of this book. Throughout this book, I share those learnings in terms of the mind functionality, even including research on how our brainwaves can be the key to our success.

You will also learn about my own accidental journey into the world of mindset, the varying parts of starting your day the Best way, how to implement a morning routine with little to no extra time and to start to build a bulletproof mindset.

Kind words about the book

I’ve been following Tara online for a few months and her energy and passion are infectious. Without even putting much effort into my business so far this year, just having Tara in my online world has helped opportunities to arise that I wouldn’t have imagined a few months ago. I was excited to read Tara’s book as soon as she announced it. Her free online content has made small improvements to my mindset, so I was confident her book would be full of useful nuggets and inspiration. I read the book in one sitting and am looking forward to reading back through it and completing the tasks. I was aware of mindset, gratitude, etc before, but Tara explains all these things in a simple, digestible way. She provides personal examples throughout, which really helps you to think of your own ideas. Whether you’re new to mindset work or just need a refresh and a boost like I did, Tara’s book will be really helpful in creating a sustainable, positive daily routine to help you achieve your goals in life and business.

“If you’re interested in mindset work and transforming your life through positive mindset then this is the book for you. Four chapters in and I am hooked. I’ve dabbled in mindset and the power of thought / LOA and I just know this book will project me into the next phase. Tara, seriously you are GOLD DUST

A fantastic book to give you inspiration and energy to achieve your goals and ambitions! Fascinating subject delivered in an easy to read and engaging way, a must read.

“Tara is changing mindsets all over the world and this really is mind blowing. Thank you so much Tara for writing this!”

“Tara’s book is a magnificent amalgamation of years of passion for helping women in business. I read this in just 2 gigantic sittings, unable to put it down, it’s a total must read for anyone searching for a helping hand, a leg up, a teacher, a mentor, a cheerleader in your head. Tara starts by sharing her story, that through injustices- large and small, she came to realise that she was an “invisible woman” and set upon her journey to find a better way in business for herself, and through that a mission of self development to help other fabulous women. Concise not conservative, kind but kick ass, wonder filled but not waffly…. and above all, inspiringly easy to follow and make mindset changes that really, really work. This book is for you if you like no nonsense real talking, real life, relatable examples and easy to follow teaching. It will give you a first class ticket to a better more fabulous you, with the best, most skilled, talented and magnificent hand holder you’ll ever find. Buy the book and feel the passion for you and your ideas, dreams and business, feel the inspiration leap from the page….you definitely won’t be disappointed….just be ready with the champagne and fireworks for the amazing results!”

Thank you all so much for the support thus far, it really does mean the world! I’ve also created a FB group for book readers, where you can share your thoughts and connect with other readers! Come and join here.

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