Morning Routine Notepad – Start every day the right way!


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How you start your day has more of an impact on how your day goes that you realise.

Hands up.. Who’s been guilty of waking up, reaching for the phone and losing precious time scrolling or checking emails? Or perhaps you’re someone who wakes up, gets up and then your mind gets away with you?

The thing is, your mind can either make a heaven of hell or a hell of heaven and it all starts with the first hour of your day.

Your entire belief system was set when you were less than 7 years old. In those first 7 years of life, your mind is acting like a sponge, absorbing all it hears from outside sources, your family, school and what you digest on the TV and radio. It’s in a state where it can be moulded, and is constantly forming beliefs.

Your mind is in exactly the same state in the first waking hour of the day – it’s in a place where you can re-wire and re-mould it. You can start to change your beliefs about the world AND help yourself set your day up for success.

I have been implementing a morning routine since October 2018, and it has hands down, changed my life. Not just my business, but my day to day mindset, my relationship with my darling husband and my outlook on EVERYTHING.

Doing a morning routine or mindset work is more than just thinking positively. It’s about getting yourself into the right frame of mind for the day ahead. It’s about learning to be your own biggest fan. Doing things that are beneficial for your future. It’s helping you find a positive in any situation and having the inner strength and resilience to get through whatever life throws at you.

After all, everything you do today (whether that’s mindset work, exercise or what you eat) will impact how you are in the next 1, 3 and 5 years.

I designed this notepad initially for my clients, to help them focus their mind and start their day right as we work towards some of their big goals, and subsequently growing their business. But I soon realised, it had a purpose way beyond just my clients and business owners.

It offers prompts to help you start every day the right way. To help you stay focused and committed on what you’re working towards. And to help you truly unlock the life of your dreams.

The key to developing any new habit is consistency. This notepad will last you 2 months, so you can start to pave the way to forming a new success habit. So get yours, start filling it in as soon as you get it and start to see the transformation for yourself.

There is an example on page 1 of how to fill it in, but please don’t hesitate to reach out using the contact form if you have any questions.

Your mindset can not only be your greatest asset, but one of the best things in that you can easily change it. You’ve just got to be consistent and put in the work and I do truly hope this will help you do just that.

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