The Magnum Mastermind with Tara Best

Attention high vibe, fun loving service providers, it’s time to cheers to your success!

  • No more excuses around your progress!
  • No more confusion over your packages!
  • No more shoddy mindset and missed goals!
  • It’s time we create some NEXT LEVEL MAGIC in your life 💃

The Magnum Mastermind is for driven, high vibe, determined service based business women ready for their next level of epicness!

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The Magnum Mastermind is a special place…

It’s where business women with big dreams come to elevate their life and their company to the next level. It’s where the most magical conversations happen. It’s where breakthroughs and celebrations are a regular occurrence. And it’s where you can come to grow, to thrive, to unlock your next level potential and to enjoy a VIP offering that blends 1:1 and group coaching as well as a high vibe in person experience where we toast our success and bring it all together.

You get to grow your biz & love doing it…

You know I don’t sell anything that I don’t truly stand for, embody, love and live for. And that’s why this 6 month hybrid mastermind is packed with what I believe to be the most powerful trio you can master… Mindset, money and marketing. Pure magic can happen when you blend the subconscious and the strategic work. I know it will change your life… As not that long ago, it changed mine.

The blending of this work, that I first learnt in a high level mastermind, changed my life… It helped me up-level my thinking, my dreams and my goals. It helped me be surrounded by the most epic women! It helped me form life-long biz bestie relationships and it stretched me more than I thought possible, while helping me grow as a business woman, more that I ever knew I could.

There’s something really special about the relationships, the conversations, the highs and the lows that happen in a mastermind. It’s special, magical and unique. And it will hands down be one of the best things you do…

The Magnum Mastermind

This 6 month mastermind is for business women who are ready for their next level mindset, marketing and money MOVES and who are truly ready to create the biz they desire and deserve.


  • Benefit from a magnetised mindset that’ll take you from prosecco to Veuve in a pop
  • A mix of one to one and group coaching PLUS an exclusive in person day to truly up-level your vibe with your biz community
  • Explore what’s possible for you when you surround yourself by magic

Step inside the first-class lounge, because all this is on ice

  • 3 x one to one coaching calls with me over the 6 months we spend together
  • 2 x live group coaching and mentoring calls with me per month for the 6 months
  • Support and accountability Monday-Friday between calls from my amazing assistant Rebecca and I
  • Private fun community in our super supportive Facebook group
  • Exclusive group in person VIP day where we come together to mastermind & toast your growth & success

There are 6 core foundations to growing a business you love & we master & cover them all…. While then bringing in the strategy, the growth habits, the leadership, the emotional intelligence, the energetic frequency and the building of a scalable brand that truly lights you up and aligns to the business & legacy you truly want to create.


  • Clear decades of generational & societal beliefs so you can create a magnetised mind for success
  • Get ready to get your mind truly aligned to your goals & what you with to create
  • Advanced NLP, EFT, Hypnotherapy & Time Line Therapy® techniques to support you in your next step


  • Your mindset around money can either make you very wealthy, or it’ll keep you stuck – let’s get it on your side
  • Connect your enhanced mindset to the energy and vibration of what you desire financially & feel epic with money
  • Become a fantastic money manger, manifestor & creator of the wealth you desire to build


  • Get ready to be your most authentic self online – let’s elevate your brand, your profile & your message
  • Explore epic aligned strategies that work for you and your audience
  • Benefit from the integrated plan that will help you grow & position yourself as a leader in your field


  • Let’s get ready to master the subconscious + the strategy of epic sales!
  • No more guesswork, get ready to follow a magnificent framework that aligns to your goals & desired growth
  • Nail your successful sales framework with ease and on YOUR terms

Growth Habits

  • Truly understand & embody what will help you grow in an aligned manner
  • Become your best, next level, most sparkly self first & watch the time collapse around your desires
  • And don’t forget to celebrate your growth with the fizz! Magnum optional 😜


  • What are the daily steps to make? What are the needly moving activities? We get clear on it all!
  • Get mega clear on who you’re speaking to, how you target them & how you position your offer
  • Lastly, get clear on what your future looks like, then we manifest it! And celebrate with Champagne!

And then it’s time to pop the Veuve and celebrate the epicness we’ve created together!

As this is just your beginning…

And what’s the epic investment for this cork-poppin’,
show-stopping sisterhood of success?

£997 per month, or £5,555 pay in full + there’s a VIP upgrade!

Add an in person VIP day for just £1,000 (saving you £500!) The VIP upgrade which includes The Magnum Mastermind + an in person VIP day is available for £1,110 per month, or £6,555 pay in full.

Doors are open now for June 2023 enrolment! 🥳

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