The Paradigm of Prosperity

Are you ready to

Have the best mindset possible when it comes to your money?
Earn more, attract more and save more?
Feel better when it comes to money conversations?
Live a life of abundance and joy?
Change your entire belief system about money?
Live the life you see others living?
Remove centuries of family beliefs to create success on your terms?

I have just the Answer…

Introducing The Paradigm of Prosperity, my 5 week live group coaching money mindset programme!

And I am your host, mentor, coach and mindset queen, Tara. I am a multiple business owner, launch lover, Champagne drinker, hot tub owner and serial manifester.

But it hasn’t always been that way.

I am someone who knows the money mindset journey better than anyone…

It wasn’t so long ago that there was a time that I couldn’t afford tampons. I was stuck in a cycle of self-destruct, spending every penny I had and constantly living in a life of never enough. It didn’t matter how much I earned, there was very simply, never enough.
I thought that was all there was to it. To life, to money, to business.
Until I fell completely by accident into the world of mindset.

You see, until you start doing mindset work, every single belief you have about money was formed  when you were less than 7 years old. So, as a young child, you were forming all of your beliefs about the world. About work. About success. About money. And until you start doing mindset work, you just take these beliefs to be the truth.

But here’s the thing…

They’re nothing more than outdated beliefs that form the current paradigm of your brain and beliefs.


Paradigm – a pattern or model

Prosperity – the state of being prosperous, where you flourish financially

The paradigm your brain currently has is based on what has always been its reality. In society, in your family and in your beliefs system.

My paradigm was set to never enough and that it’s really hard to make money.

The Paradigm of Prosperity is a coaching programme backed by neuroscience, physics, advanced mindset techniques, brain re-wiring strategies and over 4.5 years of self development and personal work around mindset and money.

It’s helped me go from absolutely broke to being able to invest over £80,000 in coaches, book luxury trips, order a bespoke brand new fast car and create a life of joy and abundance while manifesting epic-ness and joy along the way.
Because that’s the biggest thing – no matter what your financial goals are, without joy, you have no success.

Changing your beliefs and improving your internal paradigm will enable you to create joy on your terms, and when you have joy, you have true success. Your financial situation will be the bonus of that inner work.

So, are you ready to get started?

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